BodyCare COLLAGEN+ :

52 Lamps: 26pcs. 160W / 3,3% UVB / + 26pcs. Collagen lamps
Duration of procedure 10-25min


Standard receive:
-Elepse form, only possible to obtain a uniform tan.
-Highly efficient electronic ballasts controll the radiating, that increased +10% efficiency of the lamps of the solarium, prolong their life, helping better and faster to burn ends of the lamps and reduce the impact of the white legs. -One door and a little distance between the lamps for maximum efficiency.
-Electronic control
-Multilevel adjustable ventilation - 5200 m3h
-Stereo Pioneer
-Start-Stop function in the solarium.
-Electronic counter inside.
-Reflective floor with additional plexiglass for more comfortable barefoot footing.
-Protective plexiglass plate with 100% UV transmittance in front of the lamps.
-Illuminated plexiglass graphic on the door.
-Custom-color: gray, blue, red or gold
-Dimensions 221 cm x 85 x 110cm, 290 kg, 8,8kW, 400V
-24 months warranty
-Made in EU
-CE certificated.